Guide To Booking Beverly Hills High-End Model Escorts

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Guide To Booking Beverly Hills Model Escorts - Catwalk Model Escorts

So I was thinking today about the routine I have for when I’m planning on visiting a high-end Beverly Hills Model Escort.

There are some unspoken rules when booking and meeting supermodel escorts which some people looking to meet companions may not know.

Of course, it all starts with browsing through the gallery of ladies available on an upscale agency website but I seem to have a routine which, when done correctly, means I have the best experience every single time.

Therefore, I thought I would create the ultimate step-by-step guide to booking a model escort to help anyone using Catwalk Model Escorts Beverly Hills Model Escort Agency.

Booking Beverly Hills Model Escorts

Click one of these sections to fast track to each section of our guide.

How to Use Our Model Gallery Page

Models Profiles

Duo Model Escorts

How To Book An Escort

Spending Time With Escorts

How To Use Our Gallery Page


  • Our Gallery of model escorts
  • How to use the chat button to find a model escort as fast as possible with Clara our trained matchmaker
  • Our most frequently asked questions about our gallery

Using Our Gallery

Unlike most escort agencies, here at Catwalk Model Escorts, our featured and available Beverly Hills Escort Companions are on our homepage. We want our elite clients to be able to see our available now model escorts as soon as they enter our website and on our gallery, you will find the profile pictures of each of our ladies, with underneath each image, you will find her hourly rate.

The Most FAQs About Our Gallery Page

Question: Are your model escorts real?

Answer: Of course. Each model, each image, and each description you find in our model gallery is 100% real. We have worked within the industry for over 10 years and if none of our girls was real we would not have the loyal client base we currently do have.

Question: What if the model i choose is not available?

Answer: If the model is not available during the specific time slot you choose we can recommend others not in our website that fits your criteria within 10-30 minutes.

Model Escorts Profiles


  • What can you find on your model’s profiles
  • Do the models offer extra services
  • The most FAQs about the models profiles

Using The Models Profiles

Our model escorts profiles are designed with our clients in mind as we aim to offer as much information to help our customers know exactly which lady they want to book. On every model escorts profile, you find an exclusive gallery of images. All our girls have professional images while some ladies will have sexy selfies which really highlight their beauty.

You will also find, the models stats, rates and an about me section. These describe the ladies appearance, personality, and where they are located. This is the most detail you will ever need to know about booking the lady while offering you information to help you get to know the lady as well as possible before actually meeting her.

To see an example of one our elite Beverly Hills Model Escort profiles, Click here to view Kylie Kingston Profile

Extra Services?

Usually, most models offer extra services, I would advise that you use the chat button on the the bottom right of our homepage or with each profile and ask Clara to find out if the model your interested in is able to offer the services you are looking for.

The Most FAQs About Our Models Profiles

Question: Can I book a model escort straight from the girls profile?

Answer: Yes! You will see a calendar in the model’s profile with dates available once you find a specific date in the calendar there will be time slots that will pop up that you choose. You will be taken to a pop window with a form that will ask you all the required information the model will need in order to move forward. Clara is always available to help you as well if you have any further questions.

How To Book A Model Escort

  • How do I book a model over the phone
  • How do I book a model online

How To Book An Escort Over The Phone

If you are interested in spending some time with one of our exclusive model escorts, the most common way to make a booking is via phone call. It it as easy as easy could be.

The best way to start is by having a browse through the available models on the website. Once you have a few girls in mind that you would be interested in booking call 310 507 1260 and speak to either David or Clara.

They will ask you some questions to find out where it is you would like to meet the model?

How long would you like to spend with the model and what time?

Do you have a specific model in mind or is there a specific type of model that is not in our website that you would like us to set you up with?

Once we have this information David or Clara will text or email you a list of available models that fit your criteria.

Please remember that if you want the model you have chosen to meet you at your hotel you will need to provide your full name and room number to verify you are there before the model heads out so there is no one wasting each others time.

If your hotel requires a key to the elevator we will text or call you once she is walking in so you can meet her in the lobby or by the elevator. Easy right?

How To Book An Escort Online

Although I mentioned the easiest way is to book is by phone call, guess what?! there is an easier way to book which is online in the model’s profile.

In model escorts profile there will be a calendar with highlighted days with the month she is available.

Guide To Booking Beverly Hills Model Escorts - Catwalk Model Escorts

Once you click on the specific date there will be time slots she is available.

Guide To Booking Beverly Hills Model Escorts - Catwalk Model Escorts

Upon clicking you will see a pop up with a simple non intrusive booking form. We ask that you please enter all relevant information the model will require.

Guide To Booking Beverly Hills Model Escorts - Catwalk Model Escorts

Once you have completed the form, click submit and you will have a confirmation within 5-20 minutes from the model in your email.

I hope this helped and if you have any questions feel free to call, text, or tap on the button to the far bottom right to speak with Clara to get you set up.